O'Neil & Partners | QS | Quantity Surveyors | Cost Control Consultants | BoltonThe traditional heart of our business, Quantity Surveying / Cost Management represents the core service of O’Neil and Partners.

Regardless of the size of project, service quality remains the same; flexible and adapted to suit individual clients requirements.

Every project is overseen by a Partner, and our team combine traditional quantity surveying practices with modern technology to provide a tailored, professional and efficient service.

We aim to provide a service of the highest professional standard, by engaging and providing personnel with professional qualifications and relevant experience.

The practice offers a wide range of pre- and post- contract services to help ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible – from initial feasibility budget cost estimating through to the settlement and agreement of the Final Account – O’Neil and Partners will guide and advise on the best procurement route for your project.

The benefits of appointing a Quantity Surveyor / Cost Manager to your project should not be underestimated. Using our wealth of knowledge and experience gained over many years across the industry may stop you making costly mistakes.

O'Neil & Partners | Employers Agent | QS | Quantity Surveyors | Cost Control Consultants | Bolton
O’Neil and Partners are keen to work with our Clients as early as possible in the project development process.

Our experience of various forms of construction and procurement enables us to provide expert advice at an early stage of the benefits of each system and implications on cost and programme.

Acting as Employers Agent, O’Neil and Partners will issue instructions on behalf of the Client and administer contracts carried out on a Design & Build basis.

Duties will typically include:

  • Liaison with the Clients appointed pre contract design team (Architect, Structural Engineer, Services Engineer etc.) and assist in the development of the outline design
  • Preparation of the Employer’s Requirements to enable competitive tendering
  • Assessing the tender proposals and costs submitted from each Contractor, and preparing a tender recommendation report
  • Preparation of the contract documents
  • Managing all change control procedures
  • Monitoring and reporting on the progress of the works
  • Arranging project handover and certifying completion

O'Neil & Partners | Financial Monitoring | QS | Quantity Surveyors | Cost Control Consultants | Bolton

O’Neil and Partners financial monitoring services provide independent monitoring of construction progress and costs for banks and funding institutions.

Independent evaluation and assessment of costs enables timely release of funds to maintain cash flows, and ensures that funding is only released in line with contractual terms and conditions.

Equally, should your project require independent assessment to enable equity release from funders, O’Neil and Partners can carry out an independent valuation of works carried out on either a regular or ad hoc basis.

O'Neil & Partners | Project Management | QS | Quantity Surveyors | Cost Control Consultants | Bolton

Effective Project Management is key to the success of any project: knowing exactly what the Client wants and ensuring that all parties are co-ordinated effectively to ensure these objectives are achieved.

As part of their Project Management services, ONP can:

  • Identify the key project requirements and deliverables, including required resource and associated timescales
  • Develop a management plan for the project covering all pre and post contract activities
  • Identify and manage all risks associated with the project, whilst maintaining safety and project quality
  • Monitor progress against the management plan for all pre and post contract activities
  • Provide an effective change control procedure, to manage and understand their associated risk, time and cost implications
  • Maintain effective communications with all stakeholders and the project team
  • Manage the project budget

Offering leadership and a single point of contact for co-ordination and communication, O’Neil and Partners are flexible and adaptable, tailoring our service to suit the requirements of every individual Client and project.

O'Neil & Partners | Dispute Resolution | QS | Quantity Surveyors | Cost Control Consultants | Bolton

O’Neil and Partners, by reputation, have been called upon on numerous occasions to provide professional advice and resolution in disputes.

O’Neil and Partners adopt a non-adversarial approach using extensive experience to find the underlying cause of issues and provide accurate and detailed data to enable an informed decision regarding account settlements. Our professional service in this area has, in many cases, led to additional work in the form of appointment from the inception of new projects from satisfied clients.

O'Neil & Partners | Measured Term Contract | QS | Quantity Surveyors | Cost Control Consultants | Bolton
O’Neil and Partners have over 30 years of experience working on Measured Term Contracts for various NHS Trusts, which has also involved establishing and setting up the contracts in conjunction with each NHS Trust.

O’Neil and Partners also undertake CPD presentations to enhance each Trusts understanding of Measured Term Contracts, how they work, and the procedures to follow to ensure the contract runs successfully throughout the contract term.

Measured Term Contract – What is it?

A contract used by an Employer who has a regular flow of maintenance, minor and medium sized work projects to be carried out, whereby a single contractor is appointed for a fixed term period to carry out the works.

The contract is competitively tendered at the beginning of each term period, and separate orders are issued under the contract which are measured and valued using agreed schedule of rates.

Once established, Measured Term Contracts are also ideal for capital works projects where programming or site constraints are an issue, whereby an appointed Contractor can provide an existing site establishment and an early start on site.

Benefits of a Measured Term Contract:

  • Contract is only tendered once for a set term, removing the requirement to tender every individual project, saving administration and procurement time
  • Ideal for emergency repair works – Contractor already on site and immediate start enabled
  • Every MTC order is measured and valued using agreed rates and tender adjustments, providing a detailed audit trail
  • Budget control. Before any works commence on site, an accurate budget estimate can be generated using the same agreed schedules of rates and tender adjustments
  • Established site set up means there are no repeated site setup costs for each project
  • Contractor familiarity and site knowledge evolves over the fixed term

Further Information

For further information on Measured Term Contracts, please contact Scott Young on 01204 497508 or

O'Neil & Partners | Contractor Services | QS | Quantity Surveyors | Cost Control Consultants | Bolton

O’Neil and Partners’ Contractor Services can be tailored to suit the requirements of both Main Contractors and Sub-contractors alike.

Where tender enquiries do not include quantities, the risks in measurement and quantifying elements for inclusion within tender submissions fall on the Contractor. The provision of accurate quantities will reduce risk and help ensure that tender submissions are complete.

ONP’s services can include:

  • Provision of quantities for estimates and quotations
  • Quantities checks
  • Production of Bills of Quantities for tender submissions
  • Obtaining sub-contractor quotations
  • Preparation of interim applications for payment
  • Preparation of the final account application
  • Contractual and Commercial advice